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About usKAISHITENG TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. is located in Wanzhou District, Chongqing, China. The company is engaged in the development of non-standard equipment and related products, as well as the automation and intelligent upgrading and transformation of the production line. The service content includes product development, production process formulation, equipment selection and development, whole plant design, on-site installation, commissioning and maintenance, and other technical guidance services and personnel training. The company was founded in January 2019 with a total investment of 1.5 million dollars and an annual output value of 4 million dollars.

The company has a professional team composed of many excellent experts and various professional design and management engineers who have been engaged in aerospace, weapons industry, shipbuilding industry, scientific research institutions, battery equipment industry. The performance of the products developed by the company has reached the industry-leading level in both domestic and international markets.

The company adheres to the principle of "quality first, honest management", establishes the service concept of "customer first, win-win cooperation", and provides customers with high-quality automation equipment.




Axial expansion joints are designed to absorb axial movement (tension and compression in its longitudinal axis). The thermal expansion of the straight pipe section between two fixed points can be absorbed by an axial expansion joint with a relatively compact built-in length. ...
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What is the pipe expansion joint?

The pipe compensator is also called a pipe expansion joint. It is composed of bellows (a kind of elastic element) and accessories such as end pipes, brackets, flanges, and conduits that constitute the main body of the work. ...
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What are Metal expansion joints?

Metal expansion joints (also called compensators) are compensating elements for thermal expansion and relative movement in pipelines, containers and machines. They consist of one or more metal bellows, connectors at both ends, and tie rods that depend on the application. They are differentiated according to the three b ...
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What is a coupling?

A coupling is a mechanical element part that connects two shafts together to accurately transmit the power from the drive side to the driven side while absorbing the mounting error (misalignment), etc. of the two shafts. Coupling in the machine industry is interpreted as “a part that connects two shafts together ...
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